Birthed in Russia and Poland, Vodka has been a prominent spirit throughout Europe for centuries. A colourless spirit, distilled using water and ethanol, distillers utilize grains, grapes, sugar, fruits, corn, potatoes and roots in the fermentation process to create their spirit. A very neutral spirit, vodka is typically tasteless, odourless and differentiates itself from other clear spirits due to the many choices of ingredients that can be used in the production process. As a spirit, vodka typically doesn’t possess varying styles from one distillery to another. This is in part due to the fact that vodka uses a very simplistic process to formulate the spirit and is the reason why it is such a versatile alcohol. Much like gin, vodka distillers have evolved to produce varying vodkas that have been flavoured with spices, fruits and botanicals. Typically, small distillers producing craft batches will create these nuanced variations of vodka and have increased in popularity. The versatility of vodka has created many ways in which the consumption of the spirit can be enjoyed. Around the world, vodka is enjoyed in shot form, matched with soda and a wedge of lime or included in many different cocktails making the spirit a go-to for many consumers.



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