One of the biggest things Mexico is synonymous with is its tequila. Mexico has been recognized as the sole distiller of tequila for centuries. One unique factor about the spirit is that to officially qualify as a tequila it must be produced within the region of Jalisco or in a certain few municipalities within Mexico. Any tequila created outside these regions are considered to be mezcal and are not labelled as being a tequila. Tequila is created by harvesting the blue agave plant and extracting the syrup which is used to ferment the sugars found within the plant giving off flavours that are sweet, fruity and earthy. There are three styles of tequila produced in Mexico including Blanco, Reposado and Anejo. These different styles of tequila refer to the maturity and age of the spirit in the barrel. A more matured tequila will bring deeper flavours to the palate and woodier notes. The most popular way tequila is consumed is most likely in shot form, paired with some salt and a wedge of lime to cleanse the palate.



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