A sweet and bold flavour originating from Barbados and famously enjoyed by Pirates, rum is derived from the sugar cane or most commonly molasses. Due to the creation of rum coming from the West Indies, Latin American and the Caribbean are responsible for the creation of the majority of rum, yet distilleries have popped up throughout the USA and Australia as well. The two most common styles are light and dark rum but variants such as gold and spiced are also distilled in ways that alter the flavour of the rum. Unlike many spirit counterparts, the rum industry doesn’t follow the same production processes when distilling the spirit. Due to most rums being made with molasses and parts of the sugar cane, flavour profiles are typically similar across distillers comprising of caramelised sugar and hints of caramel and toffee. The processes changed in distillation to alter the taste of the rum and the style include using steel tanks, oak barrels, charred oak barrels or infusing with spice. Rum is a sweet spirit, best sipped slowly when neat or enjoyed with Cola, Soda or Ginger Beer.



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