Known for its wide range of flavours and distinct tastes, gin has become a very popular spirit amongst the world. There is a long-standing history of gin distillation in England and Holland, however today there are many countries that produce gin, including Australia. Gin gets its fruity flavour from the juniper berries that are used in the distillation process. The popularity of gin has sparked a change in the way distillers are creating the spirit. You will find that many gins get their unique flavour due to the addition of herbal ingredients in the distillation process altering the taste palate to include botanical, spice, floral and fruit flavours. In the modern world, there are three main styles of gin that exist. These include London dry gin, distilled gin and gin. Many of your standard gins will fall under the first two categories nonetheless, the popularity of spirits labelled ‘gin’ is increasing rapidly. This style of gin allows for the inclusion of florals and botanicals to increase the flavour profile which many distillers have utilised. Best served with tonic and a range of garnishes, gin is the perfect drink for all occasions.



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