Buffalo Trace – When we fell in love!

Buffalo Trace is the oldest continuously running distillery in America, and this shows in their incredible range of products. Producing some of the most sought-after bourbons within America they show tradition in their range of bourbon that cannot be matched.

Director, Chris, of Last Call Liquor had this to say about Buffalo Trace Distillery “I first fell in love with the distillery the moment I tasted Eagle Rare with my old man, this got me searching down the rabbit hole of where Eagle Rare came from and what else did they have to offer… The dream for me then started, I wanted to be able to taste and sample the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection and Pappy Van Winkle Range”.

Although I have since been fortunate enough to sample all this and will always enjoy the taste of those incredible products, I still to this day always have a bottle of Eagle Rare sitting on my drinks trolley.

We want to share the story of the Buffalo Trace Distillery with you, our customers. So, like us you can have those moments of tasting something utterly amazing, whether it be with your family or friends. Here at Last Call Liquor we love to share our drinks and knowledge with friends and as you can see by our blog posts, there is something about this brand.

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